New Generation Multi Cutter NG-9 & NG-5



The New generation multi cutter KMT NG-9/2400 being the renaissance of Multi Cutter G-9/2300 for cutting lines of Granite are the soundest investment for companies requiring elevated production, superior quality and parsimonious time approach.

The supremacy of New generation multi cutter NG-9/2400 was made possible by transitioning the position of Up-Down Arrangement and situating it on the facade instead of the Center Unlike multic cutter G-9/2300, the all new NG-9/2400 weighs 1 tonne rather than 8 tones. Hence, raising the speed efficiency and gaining exceptionally outstanding results.

We at KMT, openly claim that NG-9/2400 has been tested for thousands of working hours before its launch in the world market and has attained excellence by combining innovative ideas with existing solutions.


Technical Data






NG-9 Cutting a block