As the name says, this machine is the pride of KMT and the result of all the hard work and experience gained after decades in this industry.

Isosceles triangular wire geometry with just five transmissions (drums/pulleys).

All the drums, including the wire stretching pulleys, have a diameter of 1000 mm & are casted with a very high quality of aluminum.

Designed to maximize the operator ergonomic comfort:

  • Easy access to the machine with practical staircases and gangways.
  • Fast and easy wire change and positioning.
  • Immediate and intuitive operator interface of the touch screen for machine management.

The wire stretching pulleys, one for each wire and rotating on bearings, are individually driven by a single hydraulic piston ensuring a uniform and constant tension of wire. The arc of movement of the wire stretching pulleys is very large therefore the wire installation is very easy.

The rubber profiles are two-tone, which makes easy for the operator to install the wires.

The Pride comes in two models named as Pride 41 & Pride 76.