Line Polishing Machine


LPM - Motors


Spindle (Head) Motor :

10.05 hp and 12.5 hp motors are used in 9 Head and 12,16,20 Head Line Polishing machines respectively. These motors are energy efficient and has lower heat generation, hence less chances of failure from overheating.

Conveyor Motor :

Since, Conveyor belt needs high torque to rotate (because of the load it carries) that generates heat. To prevent this problem, Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled (TEFC) electric motor is used with a Coaxial helical inline Gear Box (also known as Inline Gear Box).

Bridge Motor :

Bridge Motor carries the load of the whole Line Polishing Machine's Bridge this is why one 7.5 hp motor for 9 Head LPM , one 10 hp motor for 12 Head LPM and two 10 hp motors are used in 16 Head Line Polishing Machines.

Brush Motor :

Brushes are used for cleaning and removing the dust from the polished slab. Since, the brushes are light weighted and need low power to rotate, a 1 hp motor is used.



Line Polishing Machine - Main Motor


Electric Panel

> Most of the devices and components used in our Line Polishing Machine's are from premium companies like Siemens, Sneider electricals and

> We also use PLCs from Siemens, which is know for its automation and control system with top-level performance, flexibility.

> The Variable Frequency Drive used in our Line polishing Machine's Panel is also safety oriented device, which can be used with external safety devices like VFD and chopper to reduce the chances of failure of motors.

> Over-load relays are used to prevent motors from overloading and over heating, which prevents motor failure.

> Ampere meters are used in each head to display the real time amperes (Current) used by motor. This helps the machine operator to prevent any future damages.

> A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard that connects the operator to the machine. HMI used in our Line Polishing machine reduces the complications and also provides Graphics and real time statics which makes it easier for the operator to control the machine.





Line Polishing Machine - Panel_1


Technical Data